Start owning, without a mortgage

Start owning, without a mortgage

How it works

Apply in minutes

Take the first step towards owning with our quick and easy application process. Getting prequalified takes less than 1 minute!

Find a place to call home

Get settled in now while you work towards ownership. Temple takes out the roadblocks keeping you from buying your dream home.

Move in and make it yours

Take your first step towards building wealth with Temple’s Future Owners Program. We bridge the gap between renting and home ownership.

Making home ownership possible

Put your money towards an investment that builds wealth–like a home. Take advantage of a smaller down payment and an easier way to make progress towards the future ownership of a home that you choose.

Get prequalified

Getting prequalified for Temple’s Future Ownership is a crucial step in your journey towards homeownership.

We make renting work for you, putting your savings towards your dream of owning your home.

How we help you

We’re solving the home ownership problem, bridging the gap between committed tenants who are ready for homeownership and the large down payments and tight restrictions that mortgage companies require.

Take the first step to owning a home

Our innovative solution is designed to make homeownership accessible to everyone. Don’t wait any longer to take control of your financial future.